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Join 4Life™ today as 4Life's members and distributors around the world share the science of 4Life products, enjoy great discounts, coupled with the opportunity to achieve financial success for themselves while at the same time helping others to get to know our great products which can benefit everyone's health.


For international members to enrol please visit 4Life:

How To Enroll?

Why buy retail prices when you can get a wholesaler's price by enrolling as a 4Life distributor? As a 4Life distributor there is no selling necessary. You can still buy at our wholesale prices and just use the products for yourself or your family and friends. However if y
ou are also thinking of making some money for yourself you can recruit new members/distributors and earn one of the highest commission ever offered by a direct selling company.
  • Buying products straight from the manufacturer at a wholesale price
  • Extra peace of mind on how products are stored and handled over time and on the authenticity of the products;
  • Recorded trackable delivery
  • Purchase Products packs for additional discounts.
  • Qualify to earn up to 15% in Product credits plus a bonus product of the month on Loyalty Program purchases. 
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